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Helllooowwww! I am Chester. I am from PET ARENA in Kolkata, You should know this about me that i am quite obedient and i am always eager to learn new things (i mean only good ones). I love children like anything. And we Danes are known as the ‘Apollo of Dogs’. Oh wait! And my wife’s name is Harlequin. I was adopted by my brother and he’s very happy with me and my wife. We Great Danes were developed in Germany for our graceful appearance, large size, and hunting ability — all important attributes to the landed gentry. These same characteristics have made us popular today in America, even appearing in popular culture, such as the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Scooby-Doo, the newspaper comic character Marmaduke, and Astro in the TV show The Jetsons.

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